Lion Motion Production Services​

At Lion Motion Productions, we are specialists in film and media production services, assisting content creators and media houses wishing to shoot indoor/outdoor TV commercials or films in Atlantic City, New Jersey USA. We are your A to Z production service solution provider for all your location clearances and paperwork needs for the shoot. With permits for the shortlisted shoot locations, let us help you get the right paperwork with a controlled set up, so you can feel confident that you're getting the shots you need. Our services include obtaining location clearance and helping you with permits in a hassle-free manner. We'll take care of everything you need, from venue to flowers, music to catering, all in one place! Before you invest your time and money, we encourage you to get a better sense of what our services will do for your business. Here are the details.

Filming permits in Atlantic City

Media production companies, ad agencies or corporate filmmakers who plan to shoot films, videos or TV commercial projects outdoors require permits and approvals for shooting outside of a studio.

Shoot at the various scenic locations of Atlantic City and leave the hassle of getting permits and approvals on us. We can help you plan and organise all the permits with great care as per your requirements.

Camera and Grip Rentals

Looking for a camera and equipment? 
We are here to find the right gear for your shoot. We have a great list of resources to address the needs of your production team. A professional local rental house provides a top-notch camera, grips and other equipment.  

Our list includes all kinds of latest and industry-standard cameras, be it

Location Scouting & Recce

With an array of incredible places, Atlantic City is located on Absecon Island, with Ventnor City, Margate City and Longport to the Southwest. Famous for its casinos, boardwalks, and beaches, the seaside city-Atlantic City is an ideal location for outdoor shoots. 

We understand how important it is for you to find the perfect location. Thus, upon comprehending the script’s tone and reference point or suggestions of the storyboards, we get into the recce process of different backgrounds. 

Locations List Management comes naturally to us. Our location library has some exciting places to choose from based on your needs. 

Documentary Productions

Atlantic City is the perfect destination for documentary filmmakers looking to tell a truly compelling story. It’s a land with diversity accompanied by varied geographical regions, making it ideal for documentaries.

We’re eager to help you capture every stunning detail in your documentary film. Suppose you need help finding the right crew, renting the appropriate equipment, or even working with local historians and permits. In that case, our experienced production team will get your film finished on time and budget.

Our team has the experience you need to make your next project shine. We’ll provide you with complete production support as you shoot.

Budgeting and Scheduling

On receipt of scripts or storyboards, or details of the location requirements, we will evaluate the entire project and send you the project’s cost estimates.

We have an experienced team of researchers and consultants who will dedicate time and efforts to provide you with detailed cost estimates, including documentation and location fees and other paperwork. Our estimates are typically provided as quickly as possible, so whenever you need our service, we’re ready to help.

What’s more?
We’ll provide local expertise and support while you’re on the road, so you don’t spend time worrying about anything. We are your one-stop-solution by presenting solutions, so you can focus on what matters – presenting to your international audience.

Studios & Private Property Hire

Looking for a location to shoot your next big movie or ad commercial?

It doesn’t matter what kinds of shoots you are planning for. We are here to guide you through the process. And if unsure of the locations that best compliments your scene, we have a network of locations that will help you choose the right spot.

You can choose from a wide range of property types that we can arrange at short notice. It will be easy for you to narrow down your choices. And we’ll always do our best to find you what you want.

Music Video Production

We have a high-end recording studio with all the modern infrastructures for music composing and song recording available 24X7!

Our high-end recording studio suite features the latest technology. It’s outfitted with touch-screen monitors, new keyboards, and a professional-quality sound system with stellar acoustics to help you make the most inspired and creative music possible.

We have a state of the art recording studio, filled with everything you need to create and draw inspiration from new music.

Corporate/Industrial Filmmakers

We make your company look good!

Lion Motion Productions can help you create smooth, stylish videos that show off your corporate image. Those who choose us for professional videos, benefit from high-quality work, reasonable price, and exceptional customer service.

We are a team of experienced and passionate filmmakers, cinematographers, editors and graphic designers who create outstanding, creative visuals for your corporation’s next presentation.

Rest assured your brand will be well represented in any of our videos. We work closely with you to ensure all of your creative needs are met to the fullest!

Talent Casting Agency

When it comes to the world of film and entertainment, Bollywood has long been known as the most prolific movie market in the world. It’s the eclectic term for the high-quality Indian films produced across the globe.

Synonymous with glitz and glamour, it has some of the most talented actors in the world. If you are looking for a model or dancer, we are here to find you both Indian and foreign professionals who have been specifically trained to dance, sing, and act in their own unique style.

News Agency

Lion Motion Production’s team is available for covering local news stories or one-on-one interviews. They will accompany the crew to the spot where a story happened, help journalists interview people on camera and edit it together at your convenience.

We know that local news and events can make your company even more popular. That’s why we help you bring people closer to your brand by acquainting them with your products, employees, and services.

Our on-the-ground crew members allow you to feel like you’re right in the thick of it.

Let us together build a flourishing business

When connected with us, you aren’t growing your business alone. We have your back and put in our best to contribute to the growth of your entire team and organization. So, if you are looking for the right agency that’ll help you build a good online presence and bring in more conversions and revenue, we are right here!