Post Production


Post Production Studios

Lion Motion Productions video editing suites are behind the scenes for amateurs and professionals in Atlantic City, with the most modern technology at your fingertips. Our equipment is available 24/7 to edit SMOKE or FCP, telecine or DI, special effects or 3D animations and dubbing or titling. We offer a team of expert professional technicians to help you master audio and video in your projects or corporate films.

Our facilities are available at all hours to accommodate your schedule.


DI and Colour Correction

We edit all colours on the amazing Davi-Resolve system. It provides us with the freedom to edit the footage in its original codec in full 4K. We have the added ability to colour correct using DaVinci Resolve's innovative grading toolset.

At Lion Motion Productions, we love films. We provide services of colour correcting videos across all genres- Bollywood/Hollywood blockbusters, short films, documentaries and much more. Whatever the style or genre, we can give it the right look and feel. No matter if you need to enhance contrast, colour correct, make any necessary tweaks or changes, we can help you.

Our talented team is focused on producing appealing media for your brand. We provide a portfolio that includes colour correction, audio mixing, titling and VFX services.


3D Animation AND VFX

When it comes to VFX, we cover the whole range of CGI production, from pre-visualization & on-set supervision to photo-real or stylized shots for film & television. We pride ourselves on taking on any challenge and delivering above expectations no matter how large or small the project may be.

In the entertainment business, CGI is one of the most sought out after tools. With a team of creative artists, we are able to deliver top-class CGI within short lead times and at reasonable costs.


3D Projection

Lion Motion Productions is a company that thrives on innovation. We take pride in our technical expertise and professionalism, ensuring that clients are satisfied with the 3D projection system we provide.

Our 3D projection system is the best choice for viewing with tensioned screens. With a flexible fabric screen surface, the screen keeps perfect flatness when stretched. It's also excellent for fixed and curved screens.

Our twin projector projects 3D stereo images that offer clarity and detail. Our projection screens are made from a material that reflects polarized light so you can enjoy fantastic images every time. A lot is going on in the cinema, and we keep up with the latest developments.

Also, we transform large areas into cinemas. We use technology to project 3D films innovatively.


Reverse Telecine

Imagine being able to go back and make any changes that you might want to your film. This will be possible with the reverse telecine services of Lion Motion Productions. Once you have completed your film, we provide non-linear editing services using industry-level software.

Not just that, we also provide you with the facility to convert your digital film into celluloid film and offer Dolby Digital Sound Mixing. There's more than meets the eye with us. We offer Hollywood-style 3D effects, Color Correction, Dolby Digital Sound Mixing and Final Prints, apart from our standard services


Inverse Telecine

You found us! Lion Motion Productions specializes in editing and post-production, offering a wide variety of services and creative expertise. If you need Inverse telecine facilities, look no further.

Providing you world-class film editing services, Lion Motion Productions offers professional broadcast non-linear editing facilities as well as telecine to clients in the post-production arena.

Designed to meet the specific requirements of the film industry, we offer facilities for you to convert your celluloid film into Digi-Beta or other formats as well as colour correction, Dolby Digital Sound Mixing and DVD Replication.


3D Stereoscopic Solutions

A stereoscopic three-dimensional movie, commonly called a 3-D movie, is a relatively new cinematic experience. It's become the latest trend in digital cinema technology. With the results of a decade long research and development, 3D movies have become the latest sensation in the cinema industry and are becoming very popular among moviegoers today. It is a new and unique way of experiencing movies. Unfortunately, while there have been very few brilliant stereoscopic movies made, creating stereoscopic films is not easy.

At Lion Motion Production's Studio, we offer a complete stereoscopic movie production service tailored to suit individual needs. Our aim is to make both producing and watching a stereoscopic movie enjoyable and trouble-free.

Also, we understand the process of correctly aligning cameras and 3D rigs, capturing and shooting for 3D and final alignment in post-production.

dubbing (1)

Voice Overs

Lion Motion Productions is at the forefront of documentary and reality filmmaking. For programmes like documentaries, interview shows and reality shows, we take care of the translation and recording in our multilingual studio.

With the right tools and backgrounds, we make sure to deliver quality audio. We have clients from all around the world, so we can work in almost any language you need.

It's simple, just submit your script, we'll record the audio sample on our server, make a few tweaks and even do multiple takes if needed.

From concept to completion, we handle all aspects of your project and keep you in the loop every step of the way.


Digital Restoration

Don't lose your memories lying unattended. Bring them back in digital format and share them with family and friends. We can rescue your damaged video shooting rushes by converting all your precious memories into digital format, restoring memories shot in any format.

There are many problems you can encounter with your high-resolution camera. These include sensor dead pixels on your camera, unusable shots due to unsteady shots, and much more.

We value the overall quality of your restored items and take each project very seriously. Our restoration specialist visually inspects every batch of material before and after restoration to ensure top quality. Our viewing suite includes state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment, including tools for evaluating picture and sound quality.

The following analysis report will help to define the flaw or defect and, depending on how durable it is according to the initial order, will be delivered within a few hours. After that, corrections are performed, and the item is checked for compliance with the initial order.

We tailor the process to understand your vision and bring it to life. We work with you to develop anything from single reels to restoration for an entire film library.