Incentives and Opportunities in Atlantic County

The Perfect Picturesque and Backdrop to Show on a Big Screen!

Atlantic City’s beaches, bordellos and boardwalks provide the perfect backdrop for TV shows. It offers visitors a wide range of activities, amenities, and scenery that make it the perfect setting for movies. From old-school boardwalk architecture to scenic beach and landscapes, New Jersey offers a one-of-a-kind location you won’t find anywhere else.

Tax Incentives

Since there are many lucrative tax incentives for filming in Atlantic City, why not film your next production this year?

The New Jersey Film Tax Credit has made working in the state a practical choice for production companies.

Atlantic City, one of the eight southern counties in New Jersey, has a tax incentive of 35%, and continues to provide an additional 5% tax incentive through the Atlantic City Film Commission. An additional 2% for those who meet specified diversity requirements. Now that's a potential tax incentive of 42% if your film is produced in Atlantic City. That's definitely a lot!

Hassle-free Permits and Insurance

We're here to make your life easier!

At Lion Motion Productions, we make sure that applying for the necessary permits is simple. Our permits usually require a 10-day window for approvals, and we'll obtain any required insurance certificates--- all you have to do is send in your permit application!

Unique Venues

Atlantic City is a city on the rise, poised to reclaim its glory days.

The beauty of Atlantic City is undeniable. The Atlantic Ocean meets the famous Boardwalk on this beachside resort town, where you'll find everything from quaint bistros and casinos to seaside amusements. And while some cities may see their golden years, everything about Atlantic City reflects youthful energy that makes it the place to be.

Flexible Guidelines

The Lion Motion Productions is committed to making the process of filming in Atlantic City as simple and streamlined as possible to provide a great experience for productions. We have special relationships with many different vendors and venues that are ready to make a movie or commercial shoot a positive experience.

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